This tool will allow you to test a Flash based creative's coding compatibility with DFA or DFP to ensure proper ad click-through functionality and tracking.

Step 1 -   Load your Flash creative (.swf)

This step will report back either a success or failure of the Flash file upload.
A successful upload will display the main SWF file and display information about it.

Step 2 -   Review Flash file publishing information

Take note of any details about the file you would like to remember.

Step 3 - View the creative and test for click-through

Click on the creative. The result for click-through will display.

Considerations for trafficking based upon these test results:

  • Is this within your DART file size limit (per contract)?
  • Is this published to the appropriate version of Flash?
  • Will current background color work or is something more custom required?
  • Has the developer used compression to make the ad load quickly? (Recommended!)

Resource Links

The information at these resources maybe out of date. Flash Version Penetration


Hard coded click-through URLs in the creative file will click through to the specified URL but an error will not be reported. Please note that if you click on the Flash creative and it goes to the correct site rather than a page letting you know the click was successful, your file is NOT CODED CORRECTLY. DoubleClick will not track hard coded URLs; the use of clickTag variables is recommended.

Upload file(s)

Main Flash file:
Additional file for submovie1:
Additional file for submovie2:
Additional file for submovie3:
Additional file for submovie4:
Additional file for submovie5:

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